When it rains it pours

Everything can happen at once sometimes, good and bad. When it’s a bad patch it’s hard to stay positive and believe that in return things will eventually come at once in a good way. Recently I was having a hard time in the space of three days:

  1. I tried something new and it didn’t work out
  2. I had a big argument with a friend
  3. I made a small mistake with a booking and it really bothered me, more than it should have
  4. My computer broke and I had to travel to London and back to Bristol in twenty-four hours and thought I had lost everything
  5. My train ticket got stuck in the machine and I ended up sorting through hundreds with the ticket man

When Bristol was sunny

I don’t believe that everything happens for a reason but I tried to make a positive out of these negatives. Just because I tried something new and it didn’t work right now, doesn’t mean it couldn’t in the future.

Sometimes people grow apart and move on but just a little space is a good thing.

My laptop had computer chlamydia and it was time to let it go. It was seven years old, the hardrive was broken, I didn’t have a deadline and I was able to save some essential documents.

In the end he found my ticket still stuck in the machine and I made the train with 5 seconds to spare and even though I had to stand up, I felt like Indiana jones. Except… I had forgotten my hat at home.

It felt like the world was conspiring against me and even though I was trying to organise everything sensibly I had to work double as hard not to lose my cool.

Everyone has their ups and downs and although I feel like in the grand scheme of things I could really do with an up, it will take more than a little rain to get to me and all I’m going to worry about is how frizzy my hair is going to get.

You can’t force things to change for you and you can’t predict when they will but I’ll keep doing the things that I love and what makes me happy.

I’ll wait.


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