This one is for all my ladies

Ugh men am I right?

I’ve watched too many of my friends cry over some guy that made her feel like she wasn’t good enough. If they’re going out of their way to hurt you, that behaviour is unacceptable.

Well I’m here to tell you that you are a strong independent woman, you’re better than that, I never liked him and I have enough love for you. Don’t try and be the girl you think they want you to be, I’ve never seen that work and why would you want to change anyway when you’re already perfect?


I’m not saying any of my advice is some magical way of getting over them, but even if it makes you feel just a little better then I’ve helped in the only way I can.

Here’s what you are going to do:

  • Be Sad: Isn’t that just the worst? Aren’t you pissed off at me already because that’s not what you thought I would say? Yeah it’s shit. It’s just got to happen. You can’t say you you don’t feel it when you do. That emotion is just going to follow you around until you accept it. He hurt you, he doesn’t have to know that but you can be ok later, but for now you are allowed to be sad.
  • One Night Stands: Think about it. Take some time to see if this would be the right thing for you. It depends on the relationship, the person and the situation with the person you’re thinking about sleeping with. You should consider the possibility of regretting it. Sometimes you can’t tell until you try. If it doesn’t go to plan, don’t beat yourself up about it- it was a learning curve and now you know it wasn’t for you. If it went well, amazing. Off you go, be free!
  • Bae-yonce: I could not recommend this more. Never forget that JAY-Z was stupid enough to cheat on Beyoncé. The album ‘Lemonade’ is a gift sent from Heaven and even if you think you’re not the biggest fan of her, listen to ‘Hold up’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Formation’ and try and tell me you don’t feel empowered. The sadder songs can come later.
  • Buffy the Vampire Season 2: If you know, you know. Try not to judge me too hard ok? I grew up with this strong female figure and if you want to skip to episodes 13, 14 and 19 then you can, but it could be a nice distraction when you don’t want to be thinking about you know who:
  • Energy: If you’ve been cheated on, or dumped or made to feel unworthy channel it. Use your energy to focus on new relationships with friends, work and ambitions. This is to improve yourself FOR yourself.
  • Michelle Obama: She is another female role model who I adore. Watch anything she says about women, how much she cares about people and she will become yours as well. She says it better than I do:
  • Distance: Be careful of your social media. It’s all your choice but it might be a good idea to unfollow them on Facebook it they are bothering you, delete them on snapchat and change their name on your phone to Satan. These are just small things to help so that they don’t appear on your mind by accident when you’ve already got enough to think about, (Beyonce and Michelle.)
me with heart_153

Proof I have a heart

I mean you could watch the Notebook and eat ice-cream but, I’m warning you now, it’s an emotional film. The first time I watched it I had to leave the room because I had something in my eye.

The second time I laughed. This has nothing to do with my life; it was a film, an excellent one at that. Anyone can appreciate it despite their personal life. It was not a documentary.

Of course what the characters had was great. I hope that I’ll be that happy with someone one day and I’ll make someone else equally as happy.


Talk to your friends, listen to Beyonce and become a lesbian.

I’m joking! That wouldn’t help, all human beings are nightmares, when are the robots coming?

It’s not going to change suddenly, getting over someone is a gradual process and you might always have a soft spot for them. Just take your time and remember that things happen when you least expect it.

And of course, there’s always vodka.



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