I went on a date

It happened by accident. I downloaded tinder when I was drunk and wasn’t taking it seriously. This particular guy was very forward and said he wanted to get to know me in person. I completely panicked and was wondering what the hell I was doing.

It started off with him telling me I was late.

He asked me if he could hold my hand and I said no.

Then he said it looked like I was wearing a sports direct uniform, which was incredibly rude…but also very funny. Damn my vintage Lacoste top and black jeans.

He took me to a café and we had a little debate about me being a feminist and that he didn’t have to pay for my coffee but he did anyway. It was a really nice place with marble, chandeliers and comfy sofas. He made a good choice.


Me contemplating my life choices

Despite the initial playful insults he was also very complimentary. He said he liked my smile, my dimples, my piercings and my eyes. I was basically ready to start my modelling career. It was nice to be complimented despite me not usually taking them very well,  I think I’d forgotten what they felt like. I’m also not very good at giving them so when he asked me if I was going to give him one I said:

“You don’t seem like a terrible person.”

He asked me why I was so secretive and that I must have been hurt in the past but he had this urge to “fix me.” Once again I didn’t know whether to feel complimented or insulted. Guess it’s cheaper than therapy.

I remember back in the day when I went on another date with a boy he told me I had “a sadness in my eyes.” Either that or I was mental, with “crazy eyes and I could snap at any minute.” That boy was sweet and I went on two dates with him but I just wasn’t attracted to him. For no reason at all, I can’t explain it. I had to hug and run him both times.

The hug and run: When you can tell they’re going to go in for the kiss but you’re not ready or don’t want to. You need to take initiative. You can’t linger. You have to say goodbye, hug them and turn away, or explain that you don’t see it going any further. This way you have made the first move and have the control: there’s less awkwardness of them leaning in and you avoiding it, or kissing them just because you feel you have to.

Back to my original date.

He was very confident and there was no typical tinder pressure. It was refreshing to meet someone that was possibly more blunt and honest than I was. Neither of us were awkward and it was a good confidence boost that I had needed.

Even though it’s not going to work out, it wasn’t a mistake.

^That’s a compliment.

stephen is safe_51

I laughed in the middle of the street, a congratulations?

What happened to my beautiful eyes? Now I know where yours were.

Who needs a face anyway.


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