A vintage fairytale

Everyone knows Bristol is a magical place, filled with interesting and creative people. I have devised some modern Disney princess looks that are Bristol appropriate so that you can live your fairytale.

crown me_216

Cabot Tower is mine


Jasmine has  revamped the magic carpet and made it into a  wavy shirt so its ready whenever she needs. Swap her blue trousers for some loose fitting black mum jeans to compliment the whole outfit and create that vintage look. Groovy sunglasses because the Middle East is a hot place and she is basically a celebrity. The bumbag is also essential to keep all your royal dollar when you step outside your palace. Jasmine is ready to tour Brizzle.

Jasmine done_118

Be as fierce as Rajah

Shirt: Bs8

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses: Kilo sale at motion

Bumbag: Bs8

Trainers: Nike Air Force 1

Sleeping Beauty 

Keep this look ready for any 9am lecture, pastel will brighten up even the dullest of days. Wake up, braid that blonde hair back and choose the sleeping princess’ colours: baby pink and blue. Pick a unique satin coat and ripped jeans to transform from the tower to the streets. White trainers and silver hoops shows that you’re Aurora on the outside but Maleficent on the inside.

Sleeping beauty final_63

Don’t go near any spinning wheels

Coat: Handmade

Trainers: Nike Air Force 1


This vintage-look dress is loose fitting, because corsets are not a females friend. Pair it with silver and gold jewellery to keep it light and get that cinderella sparkle. Or if funds are running a bit low you can always try and ask that fairy god mother, more realistically known as the overdraft. When the weather is warm, with some strappy small heeled sandles and an adorable headband, they’ll be writing new fairytales about you.

Cinderella Finsh_116

Glass slippers are hard to wear

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Red Riding Hood

The overall lumberjack-esque look is to give off the message that this girl is her own saviour and don’t need no man to cut her wolf open, I’ve got your back Grandma. Have your checkered shirt at the ready, or pick one up cheaply from any charity shop. Block bold colours achieve that classic 90s look and clean black chunky boots so that people know that you could do labour work.. but you’re a princess so you don’t have to. Big gold hoops are for a pound at Primark to tie in the statement red. Bigger the hoop, bigger the…hood.

Red Riding Finish_191

Looking for wolves

Coat: Sue Ryder

Necklace: Sobeys

Boots: Timberland

Snow White 

Ditch that skirt because being honest, gold and blue, what the hell was she thinking? Baggy trousers are the way to go this year, a pale grey keeping it light. A blue collar top to resemble our princesses fashion, but with a cheeky slit to bring it into the 21st century, lets not make this princess have to die just to get a kiss on those famous ruby red lips. Finish it off with a big snowy white wolf fur coat to keep warm while you accumulate your seven men, with some matching not-so-original adidas trainers.

Snow White Finish_44

Snow white trash

Top: Bs8

Trousers: Urban Outfitters

Coat: We Are Cow vintage in Topshop


A delicate white shirt is also easy to pick up at charity shop. Pinafores are very fashionable this year and can be found in abundance at vintage and high street stores. Easily twist your hair into this innocent looking ponytail and make sure you carry your books to university so that everyone knows that you can look good and learn at the same time. Don’t forget some more modern black trainers so you’re still Bristol and edgy af. You’re bound to melt a few beasts heart with this outfit.

Belle Finish_192

The Beast said something funny

Trainers: Janoski


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