Glass Animals 

They were very good. There was that one guy, you know that guy. The one that insists that he is the King of Indie and must let everyone know around him that he knows the band and every song. He was bashing into me, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying it. I have gone off nights out a bit so a chilled out concert with music that I knew I loved was just what I needed. At this night in Bristol, which I was at, one of the bands female friends was groped in the crowd. They took it seriously and released a statement explaining that this was unacceptable and encouraged others to speak out if this inappropriate behaviour is experienced. They also promoted “Girls Against” who stand up against sexual harassment at gigs. Good music, good people, good band.

Leftover breakfast, cereal for lunch
She’s broken but she’s fun
My girl eats mayonnaise
From a jar when she’s gettin’ blazed

I have a weird love for mayo and made sure I sang this line the loudest.


Bad Sounds

On the 21st of March I saw Bad Sounds in Bath, the rowdy wannabe King of indie was there again and I had to make myself a human force field to protect my friends. They were all dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz and although I think the “home sweet home” theme was lost (they live in Bath) I have to say the lead singer made a very cute lion. I’ve seen them before and they were just as good as last time. This time I saw them in a very cool club, “The Nest”. Finished off my night with breaking my TAKA TAKA virginity, getting a chicken wrap with chips inside. It made me feel very sick in the best way possible.


Then on the 28th I saw Sampha. I know I’m spending too much but it was worth it! I was very concerned because I thought it was going to be too depressing, I didn’t know how I would react. To my surprise, it wasn’t that sad! He was such a good performer I was just completely in awe, wishing I could fancy him so he could sing and write songs about me. Of course, the one song that almost cracked me was “(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano.” Even I had a flicker in my black heart. He sings of him playing his Piano in his childhood “in (his) mother’s home”, while also singing about his mother’s death after she was diagnosed with caner. It is heartbreaking and amazing, I could have watched him for another hour.


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