Review: beauty and the beast

Note to self: do not watch this film when hormonal.

I’m not going to lie to you, yes at times this film made me emotional. This is my favourite childhood Disney after I realised Sleeping Beauty was shit. I thought I was going to be disappointed by Emma Watson’s performance as I don’t love her as an actress, but I was pleasantly surprised, she played a very good Belle.Β Compared to Cinderella, Emma portrayed a much more interesting and developed character.

Although, the little girl in me wants to imagine myself as a princess and a famous actress branded with Harry Potter makes that harder. I still believe they should have picked someone more unknown and musically trained but I really enjoyed the film.

The main characters, one would assume, would be the Beauty and the Beast. However, the talking furniture took the spotlight on multiple occasions. I found myself laughing very loudly in the cinema as there were original and witty jokes throughout, making a well known plot newly exciting, funny and magical.

Beauty and the beast

The candelabra and clock are a hilarious comedy duo and despite Lumiere’s French accent being questionable at times, I had watched some interviews with Ewan McGregor talking about his difficulties beforehand, so it just made me laugh more.

I would say that the most disappointing part of the film was the dress, which I guess you could say is minor. Watson’s dress is very…very yellow, a nice picnic dress. It is definitely more of a gold in the animation and with all the gold inside the castle, surely that would be more symbolic, she becomes part of it.

There was a beautiful amount of comedy and drama in the end scenes that made me question the traditional fairytale and wonder if the director just made them all die in the end, wouldn’t that be a family friendly twist. There was even a nice light hearted joke about beastiality:

Belle: “Have you ever thought about growing a beard?”


I think the message to take away from this is that: if you’re more of a Beast than a Belle, you just have to lock someone away until they learn to love you.

Genius really.


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