Trolling tinder

If being savage was a position, I would be the president. I had tinder ages ago for a short amount of time and although I have been asked to rejoin since my date blog post, I really can’t face it. I had a lot of fun tormenting the thirsty and furious on the app, saying what I really thought and seeing how it went down. I swear I’m nice on the inside…

My profile:

Sarcastic with no filter

No criminal record

Will swipe for dogs

Sticky Fingers (It’s a band ok)

tinder profile_253


It was adorable.



Why didn’t he reply to me though?



You insult my band, you insult me.


If you’re thirsty, get yourself a drink.

Call a boy a dog, works every time.


Okay maybe it wasn’t my best pun but working with Italian foods is hard ok?

There were a couple of boys that loved my savagery which is just more worrying, I don’t need the issues behind that. They think I’m playing being mean keeps them keen, when really that’s just my personality. I do not like tinder. I sent them a review and I have deleted it so that I don’t have to endure any more of these dog filtering, just “up for a laugh” gym lads.

I’m done.


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