I went on a date: part two

I was just going about my every day life until I got this message:


My initial reaction was ‘SHIT’ and I double-checked that I didn’t say anything too savage. I specifically blocked him from all of my activity on Facebook so it was a mystery as to how he found my blog post about my date with him. He was extremely shady when I asked how the hell he managed to see it, basically coming to the conclusion that he was just having a very intense stalk. It wasn’t long before the proposal came for another date and I of course asked WHY:


It was a strong argument, I couldn’t argue with that. I told him I would do it for the fans, a part 2 blog post so he was completely aware of what he was really getting himself into.

angel 3

It’s not true I swear

Although, I suddenly got really ill and had to re-schedual, messaging him back saying that I was infectious but available- flirting with Izzy.

For our evening activity he suggested The Apple, which was cruel really because I’m still really ill and can’t drink. When we met I think I had forgotten how to hug a tall person because it just didn’t feel right. My arms went over on top so it was like I was trapping him even though he’s so much bigger than me. Then I had to order a stupid lemonade in a cider bar while he had a delicious eight percent beauty. The bartender said he would make mine all jazzy and put some apple juice in, but it didn’t fill my alcoholic heart.

Hugging fail

Unless you are an actual child

His behaviour was the opposite of the last date. He was insulting, or as he liked to call it, ‘a back handed compliment.’


“You’re not a man”


“You look better looking than the first date we went on.”

He was absolutely LOVING the first blog post, like he was some sort of celebrity, even reciting a couple of quotes from it. I offered to sign it for him if he printed it out. Apparently all his friends gathered round and one of them did a dramatic reading of it.

On our date I got to know more about him. He’s learning French, started yoga and he helps the disabled in his spare time. When I told my flatmates these details they got very invested. I also found out a bit more about his family, showing me his holy water in his bag which his mum makes him carry around with him even though he’s not religious. I felt a bit on edge because if that spilt on me I would probably burn up.


Later we went to a different bar and I drank another lemonade so I was super hyped on sugar and ready for a mad night. Although I needed to leave to go to a pre drinks so we started to walk back. I had TOLD him I was infectious and that he would almost definitly get ill if he kissed me, but he decided to go for it anyway.

Honestly. If a boy told me that he was really ill I would not want to kiss him. No sorry, I don’t want your infected salvia thank you. I’ve decided I’m not going to feel bad if he gets sick because I came with a warning label and I don’t give refunds honey.

Turtle and bae

Old days of Turtle and Bae

He’s a sweet boy with a weird fetish for my insults and seems to really want me to treat him like shit. Then he told me he had caught more than just my virus and we had a conversation about it, but he already knew that I didn’t want a relationship. I just need to get better, pass my exams and hopefully at the end of all this reward myself with a very…very big drink.

So there you have it, part 2.

I swear a nun was following me the other day and I couldn’t help but take it as a sign…


I have some sins



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