Pitt Cue- restaurant review


(Images from their website)

For my Mum’s birthday we went out for a lovely meal in central London, a two minute walk from Liverpool Street. Friendly staff immediately came to assist us and ordered some cocktails before sitting at our pre-booked table. The waiter suggested that we order a variety of food, a couple of starters and mains to share so that we could taste a bit of everything. This was completely the right decision, the mains are large and a range of flavour and tastes are needed to fully enjoy the different meats.


I wanted something fruity so had the “Side Truck.” One more drop of alcohol would have been too much, but it had the perfect balance of alcohol to fruit liquor and I drank it easily:

Bourbon, lemon, Cointreau, orange bitters.

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer


Salt beef scumpet- Special 

This was delicious, a croquet with tender beef inside. The sauce it was on went perfectly and complemented the crispy outside. However, there was not nearly enough to balance out the dish and would have been too dry had the staff not provided us with more immediately when we asked.

Mangalita, pistachio and apricot sausage- Special

I thought this sausage was also delicious. It reminded me and my family of chorizo, a compact and powerful sausage. The Mangalita meat is a must try for at least one of your dishes in this restaurant.


Country loaf and butter with bone marrow- Special

This was on the special’s menu but I believe it must be the same as the sourdough and bone marrow, which is on its normal menu. Although this starter sounds simple, it was amazing. An extremely crispy outside that looks almost burnt with a warm soft centre and homemade salty butter on the side. The bone marrow is so subtle you can’t really taste it for those who would be put off by this detail.

Raw beef and Kim Chi- Special 

This was one of my favourite starters. Normally I wouldn’t order something like this for myself so again I was grateful for our sharing decision. It had a hint of Asian inspiration and was refreshing and easy to finish fast.

Calcot onions, chopped egg and tarragon 

In my opinion, this starter can be missed. The onions were well cooked, lovely and sweet, but in comparison to the other starters it was a glorified and confused egg mayo sandwich looking for its bread.


Smoked short rib- Special

We were recommended the 700g short rib but it really wasn’t the star of the show. The beef was very well cooked again, tender, just falling on to my plate and asking for me to eat it. However it was pretty plain, I believe it was assumed to be mixed with the overly salty Kim Chi. Good, but not amazing.

Monkfish- Special

It was nice to have some well seasoned and refreshing fish amongst all the meat but the dish is small and was quickly forgotten about after the lamb arrived.

Smoked lamb shoulder- Special 

Now this was the star of the meal. The lamb was delicious, so lightly smoked, so soft and well cooked. A definite favourite. Only let down was the hard carrots on the side.



It seemed that throughout the meal the vegetable dishes were neglected in the prioritising of the meat. The sides were quite disappointing, again undercooked courgette with only a hint of the yoghurt sauce and poorly presented. Simple underwhelming salads as options.


Sticky Toffee Pudding  

Again Pit Cue went for presentation instead of giving enough sauce to accommodate for the cake, although once it was asked for it was immediately presented. The size of the cake and sugar in the sauce was carefully balanced in that it was not too sweet.

Lemon Tart 

Classic lemon tart, simple but effective. Well made, looked and tasted delicious.

Whisky Chocolate Mouse 

The Whisky was so subtle that non-whisky lovers like myself could appreciate the masterpiece of the mouse.



The specials are very important to this restaurant and change all the time but certainly the starters and lamb main is a must have if you choose to go to Pitt Cue. Alongside our meal we topped up with Tempranillo red wine and fresh lemonade, perfectly finished with a very satisfying dessert. If tender barbecue is for you and you feel like splashing the cash for a special occasion then this is the place to go!

Not for vegetarians…


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