What I eat in a day (sometimes)

Granted this doesn’t happen all the time, but here are some of the meals I have been enjoying since I’ve been at home. Hopefully this will give people inspiration for what they feel like eating! I know I can either be really specific or an indecisive wreck. At university I try to be pescatarian for environmental reasons as well as meat being expensive, a completely pescatarian day!

Take a look:


When I need some extra energy for the day I make porridge, in a saucepan because I always feel like it tastes better and is worth the wait. After that I sliced half a banana on top and softened it in the microwave. When it was still warm I drizzled a bit of honey so it melted in.

To drink I usually start my day off with a coffee. I am obsessed with coffee and it complemented my breakfast really well.

In addition to that I treated myself with a fruit smoothie:

Frozen blueberries bulk bought from Costco, the other half of the banana and orange juice.



This is my favourite thing to eat when I’m home, being a student smoked salmon doesn’t feature as an affordable item. Poppy seed bagels are the best to fit this, with a layer of philedelphia cream cheese and smoked salmon, lots of lemon and a sprinkling on pepper. I just can’t get enough.



When I’m avoiding eating a whole chocolate bar I try to compensate my cravings with natural sugars, I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I do this. It’s really hot at the moment, deep into the summer weather, so fresh fruits and lemon water is a lovely and refreshing sweet snack to enjoy between meals to keep full and hydrated.

water and cherries _6


As I said, I was feeling especially healthy so made myself a light and low calorie meal. Poached eggs, avocado (seasoned with salt, pepper, chilli flakes and lemon juice), buttered spinach and cherry tomatoes. There is a trick to making poached eggs which takes about 2 minutes and means you get them right every time:

  1. Heat the water until simmering in a large pan
  2. Crack the eggs into a bowl
  3. Swirl the water with a whisk to create a whirl pool
  4. Tip the eggs from the bowl into the swirling water
  5. Check  to see if the yolk is springy
  6. Serve


So there you have it! A delicious day in the life of me (sometimes.) People who know me  have also seen me and my cravings, demolishing packets of crisps, Jaffa cakes and a pot of gravy during that time of the month. But for now, when I’m not exercising as much and have more free time, I like to take care with my meals and think a bit more about what I’m putting in my body.

And of course, the occasionally Jaffa cake is fine…


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