Dear diary: 1

I have always written things down for as long as I can remember. Whether that was a letter to Santa or being frustrated and needing to express myself on paper. I’ve had proper diaries for years, with one that I still occasionally write in today. I recently came across some of my old diaries and discovered that I am just absolutely ridiculous. I thought everyone would like to know what nine year old me would complain about.

I really didn’t like boys.


The collar, that hair, those shoes.

Nine years old 2006

Dear Diary

I have just been to Sarah’s party. It was terrible! Amy and Lucy were whispering to each other which was utterly annoying. Now I’m going to use this book to play schools and for writing songs with my new band the Digital Bees.

Dear Diary

A lot of things have changed since the last page. My band has fallen apart. Amy quit. Annie said that she would be in a band with me because we love the same song. WHATEVER. A week later I found out that Annie had joined the same band as Amy she doesn’t even play rock music!

Dear Diary

Ben pushed me yesterday when it was a group game. I HATE HIM. I was thinking of putting revenge on him by telling people that he went in the girls toilet but I forgot.


Dear Diary

On Monday it was really cool, except BEN GROSS!!! Even his name freaks me out. Ben kept asking questions about football and how he is going to support Germany and how I was going to support France. He kept whispering at lunch when I was talking to my friends that France was going to lose and Germany were going to win. But when he called out again for a third time I said SHUT UP in his face and then it turned into a weird face but he kept looking at me between my friends and I felt a bit embarrassed. Then when I got up and waved goodbye to my friends Ben said “goodbye and Germany are going to win.”

Dear Diary

School was okay, Ben didn’t annoy me except at lunch but I wasn’t bothered because Tilly said “Izzy you have a lovely face.” I said yours too and complimented her shoes.


Football lad

Dear Diary

After school it was football against Weston Park but they won BOOOOOOO. On Saturday Victoria had a birthday party at a swimming pool. There were different pools and a big slide and I went on  100 times. A lot of the girls didn’t go on but I wasn’t scared. I played with Amy and Lucy but then we had food and I ate too much.

Dear Diary

On Monday Michael came in surprisingly. I brought a football in and it was very popular I got asked 7 or 8 times for it. At lunch Georgia asked me if it was true that I said I liked Michael to his face. Next time he is dead.


Year six

Jesus christ.

I have obviously edited it slightly and have changed the names but I’ve kept a lot of my strange formatting and bad grammar the same. I had just read a book called “Utterly Me” about a girl with a lot of attitude writing a diary, that’s where mine is coming from…hopefully.

My spelling was terrible and the parts about my teachers and how much I hated maths I thought were less interesting, so I haven’t included them.

I didn’t understand the method males use with girls, how they annoy you when they like you, but I am so very sorry Ben and Michael.

Here’s a tune to remember my primary school love affair, R.I.P.


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