Vintage rings: silver

I’ve been slowly developing a collection of vintage jewellery. I usually wear rings every day on both hands, most of them made of silver as it suits my complexion better. Take a look at my finger glam hoard:


The combination I usually wear

This is one of the first vintage rings I ever bought, from a church market in Muswell Hill, London. It’s real silver with a very thin band around the finger which makes it look even more elegant.


At a different time at the same market I picked up this sparkly number. It’s a bit junky and has a lot of bling, but in my eyes it looks like the coolest snail ever. I wear this one when I’m feeling a jazzy day.


The next three rings I collected on separate occasions from Kempton House, the Sunbury Antiques Market. There are plenty of silver rings in piles at this vast market, selling them for bargain prices twice a month.



They’re all completely unique and make your jewellery more interesting than something expensive and cloned from Accessorise. Some of the gems are missing in one of them, but I think it adds to the mystery of its history.

Technically this is an engagement ring, and strangely it only fits on my wedding finger, so I’m basically married to myself. Apparently it’s a real diamond but because it’s so small and not cut very well it’s not worth a lot of money. You could use it to warn off persistent men in the club, but I just tend to use my middle finger for that.


Building up a collection can take time, but it’s worth it and you end up with beautiful unique pieces of jewellery, having thought about each one. I’m still on the look out for a silver ring that will fit my middle finger, (the one in the photo isn’t vintage) and I won’t stop until I find it! I couldn’t recommend having a rummage around on your weekend in markets, looking under preserved rabbits feet and random vases or whatever they sell, to find something interesting.

They’ll always be something you want.

Nail polish: FullSizeRender 2Colour: CORNWALL GARDENS


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