Dear Diary: 2

I am slightly concerned with my blog posts revealing the contents of my old diaries, how old can I go? This one did make me laugh, as I try to accept boys into my life for the first time. It didn’t really work, but hey, I tried.


My first profile picture, before this was a puppy?


Dear Diary

Liam is really cute. But I don’t know if I should dump him? I don’t know! It would be because we never talk in the playground . I smile at him but we both know that it is a little bit AWKWARD because everyone new about it and was asking me what I was going 2 say before he even asked me out. The thing I am also upset about is because he asked me but liked three other girls. I guess he chose me, but still 3 girls?! He can’t possibly like 3. Maybe he doesn’t even like me at all!??

If anyone reads this… I hate you.


Dear Diary

When I say that everyone new that Liam was gonna ask me out I mean EVERYONE. I had people come up to me saying “what you gonna say?” or “I know he likes you!” and I say GO AWAY. They found it fun to drag him up to me and say he’s lonely blah blah blah say yes say no AHHHHH. Then one night I told Sophia to tell Liam that yes I will go out with him.

The next day was the worst E.V.E.R. I spent the whole day hiding in the toilets while they pushed Liam forward. This was also the time when some very very very x10000000 big dumb bums told my big brother. Then when I got home my whole family new! Liam is nice and I wave and smile at him and even when I dump him, not saying I will but it is very unlikely that we will get married and have kids. There are also some very rude rhymes people have made up. I’m not telling you now coz they are very rude.

If someone is reading this I hate you.

After the next few pages find out what happens on Friday and what happens on the date…if there is one.


That thumbs up

Dear Diary

It’s Friday and again again again I carried on as normal. That’s me!!! Liam came over today and Ethan was like “look who’s behind you” and I said “Hi”. LAME!!! Mia said yes to going out with Oliver and Zoey got asked out by Luke. Now I am super bored of talking about boys.

So back to Liam. This is what I texted him:

Me: Soz I can’t go with you on Friday coz my friend called and it’s her b-day 🙂

Liam: K how about Saturday

I did not reply. I probz not going anyway because I’m watching a play. He will probably start to think I don’t like him but then it won’t be such a shock when I dump him. Yes I’ve made up my mind. I’m gonna tell him he can ask me out again in year eight but I don’t want a boyfriend right now. How hard can it be it’s just some words?! I’m gonna try and say it on Monday but I’m probably won’t because I am too soft and can’t bring myself to do it.

But I am I am I am I AM I AM IAM


Remember these? I was tagged as “the messed one”

After I’ve finished reading through these diaries I should be able to discover when I became so cold hearted. Could it have begun with this no text back to Liam? The cruel Nokia read and not reply. Or maybe there’s still some humanity in me, if I dig back to the fear of hurting Liam’s feelings.

I have of course slightly edited it again but I know I really hope one thing: that my spelling gets better and I start to understand that “new” is meant to be spelt “knew.”

Stay tuned to see what happens in my dramatic twelve-year-old love life.

Plot twist: We get married and have babies.


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